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My party for no sleep playthrough

Hi together,

I decided to run kind of roleplaying party with one thing in mind - no resting in dungeons, always goin back to kuldahar while keeping the game time within one year. Will be playing on core settings.

Main Character Claire, Female Human Paladin (profficiency long swords and large swords - paladins just NEED to fight with swords or it ruins my impression. I plan to dual wield Pale Justice and Aihonen's blade in the end+HoW). Claire is a third daughter of a duke who really wanted a boy. So she was trained in combat but due to her lesbian orientation she rather became a holy warrior rather than accepting an agreed wedding with someone she only met once. Now she wants to do all the good she can hoping in can save her soul as she feels guilt for not obeying her family requests.

Second character Durr'Anhor, male Halforc Barbarian (profficiency axes, warrhammers) - old, scarred warrior that secretly loves Claire and swore to protect her but will never reveal his feelings to her. He believes that he's supposed to die in the heat of battle and doesn't feel pity, fear or remorse goin into the heat of battle.

Third character "small" Pivo, male gnome cleric of lathander (proficiency maces) - an orphan gnome that never loses good mood. He joined the group because he thought it would be a good idea. And he wanted to convert Durr'Anhor and Alnostaie. He also really likes traveling and playing heroes.

fourth character Tresly, male human fighter/thief - Tresly is butler to Claire's father. He is a great cook, bodyguard and Claire's father pays him a lot of money to look after Claire (she doesn't know ).

Fifth character  Alnostaie, female Elf Ranger archer - Alnostaie never thinks more than two days ahead. She is also incredibly moody. One day she doesn't talk and second day she flirts with Tresly and Smietok and laughs for the whole day. Her elvish blood makes her incredibly beautiful and Smietok calls her his muse. Alnostaie sometimes talks about her uncle and how he dissappeared and how she hopes she will find him somewhere. This is what drives her on the quest.

Sixth charachter Smietok, male human bard - Smietok is a great painter. He also sings and dances pretty well. When he sings it sounds like heaven and he uses the most euphonical words but when he talks, he swears. A lot, in fact he isn't able to say one sentence without f*ck, b*tch or something similar. So everybody is happy when he sings and doesn't talk.

So my party is doing great in first encounters. Paladin, barbarian, fighter/thief and archer is a meatgrinder. Add in song from bard and some buffs from cleric (who also isn't bad, having love of black bess and two memorized draw upon a holy str).
I think essential is mass protection from evil, emotion: hope or emotion:braveness, keeping armour of faith when needed, goin ham with rage, draw upon, marked shot or haste/oil of speed when needed. My cleric has some offensive utility spells memorized so stuff goes down pretty fast without needing much healing. 

I really like such grunt playstyle paired with some limitations. Do you have any ideas how to make it more interesting? Or ideas for another limitations? 

Thanks for your input. 



  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 110
    Play on Insane difficulty level - double the xp, double the damage. 

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,326
    If you want to avoid resting as much as possible, then consider using a shaman in your party - their unlimited summons really help to cut down on damage to others.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,514
    edited February 9
    I always play IWD under this no-rest-in-dungeons-go-to-Kuldahar clause. The only exceptions are when the game puts a somehow reliable NPC to whatch over your sleep (like the party you rescue in Dragon's Eye).

    Must say that it made IWD way more interesting, especially when combined with the no-metagame clause. I dare to say that you're about to have the best IWD session you ever had.

    My piece of advice is: save as much resource as possible for Dragon's Eye. You don't want to backtrack all the way from Kuldahar when you reach Yxunomei's door.

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  • FallFromGraceFallFromGrace Member Posts: 6
    Yxunomei's lair was challenging all those archers and annoing traps. But Yx herself was somehow dissapointing as my archeress and pally literally obliterated her with 3 crits in a row so the fight was over before it really started.
    Gotta say Hand is a breeze compared to Dragons eye. I didn't need to rest for the whole orcish part and then needed to rest once during the elvish part.

  • FallFromGraceFallFromGrace Member Posts: 6
    Original game + HoW finished, don't like TotL so I that's it. Gotta say that I thought it will be harder than it really was, once I got the healing song and my frontliners got some nice weapons, it really wasn't a challenge. I think I will have to up difficulty to make it fun once again.

    I think my next party will be full elvish, let's have it interesting.

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