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Updating a module I started 16 years ago

gpeddinogpeddino Member Posts: 36
The only module I ever created was "In The Dead Of The Night", a pretty simple and straightforward story about a village under an undead attack. Back then (2003) it was just an excuse for me to learn some scripting and also experiment with the fantasy setting I was creating (for a novel, actually), the Island of Syndhar. I wrote a lot of lore, fleshed out characters that appear in the module, and even developed a sort of a conlang (a constructed language) that appears in certain places and in spellhooks.
The last update I released was back in 2007, and by then I was leaving for college. I pretty much left the game behind for good for... 12 years.
Now I've recently purchased NWN:EE and decided to update the module. The original has many bugs related to scripts I could not develop properly and there are also lots of areas that deserve improvement. I'm slowly refreshing my scripting memory and it's being a lot of fun. It's pretty unbelievable that a game could have such longevity.
Anyway, I just thought I could share this. If you're interested in the module or in the update, the link for the original one is below. I'd be glad to share more info, if anyone's up for it.

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