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LAN server hak location

Greetings fellow NWN'ers!

Returning player/builder here with a bit of a conundrum regarding the location of hak packs. Searched quite a bit and haven't been able to find a solution. I have a fair amount of experience with running a NWN server but this one has stumped me.

1) I own: NWN:EE via Steam
2) I'm only using one hak pack in my module, from the Vault, Montlethia Dynamic Goblins. Hak is located in C:\Users\username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights as it should be.
3) Hak loads just fine in the toolset, no conflicts, mod saves no problem and if I load a single player game or multiplayer game in the client, everything loads just fine.


If I use nwserver to create a game and connect to it either via LAN or Direct, the client throws the old 'missing required HAK pack' error. *confused face*

Things I've tried:

1) Since it's the Steam version I created a Workshop upload of the hak and subscribed to it. No luck. Downloads the file(s) but still throws the 'missing required hak pack' error.
2) Posted game to the Internet and tried to connect so maybe nwsync would resolve the issue. Nwsync doesn't see any need for sync.
3) Downloaded the stable standalone release of the server. Loads fine, client still throws 'missing required hak pack' error.

Anyone have any ideas for me?


  • NeonNazgulNeonNazgul Member Posts: 4

    The original hak pack downloaded directly from the Vault had a space in the name. While this wasn't an issue when loading directly, it seems the standalone server didn't like it (I expect it saw it as % characters or something). I renamed the hak without a space, replaced the old hak and now everything works great.

    Going to leave this up in case someone else encounters this issue.

    TLDR: Don't have spaces or funky characters in your hak pack file name.

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