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Problems with the new Soren's Shader

Hi everyone

I have spent a week testing with the new Soren / Beamdog shader system ( and I have managed them to work properly on my placeables. However, I have some important problems.

1º.- Aurora does not work with the new shaders. Even with the example mode that you have uploaded, Aurora closes. I'm using these two shaders: vslitc_nm and fslit_nm. With vslit_sm_nm the Aurora does not close, however the alpha channel does not work with these placeables.

2º.- When I compile the model it only shows me the diffuse map but not the effects of the shaders like specular, bump, roughness, etc. Is there any right way to compile the models?

These are my doubts, thanks!


  • SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 48
    Hey there,

    First of all, the shaders in the package are mutually dependent, so you need to have them all in your override at once if you want to try them.

    Second, make sure to use the variant from the shaders-stable folder (and not shaders-dev).

    And third, make sure you are using the most recent version, as there has been done some fixes since the initial release.

    If none of the above solves it, please let us know. :)

  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 387
    And fourth, compiling new models is currently not supported. The old model compilers do not support the fancy new features, and the game compiler does not work properly currently - to be fixed in the next patch.

  • NimorImpNimorImp Member Posts: 7
    edited February 2019
    Hey thank you very much for answering.

    I was doing the three steps you told me but the aurora toolset gives me this nvoglv32.dll error.
    On the other hand with the new patch -2.3.0d- outdoor areas with solar lighting see too much darkness and contrast. The shadows are too dark and the ambient or indirect light is barely visible. In the preovious versions the direct solar light and the shadow that it produced were not appreciated.

    In any case it is a great job.

    PD: A note, it closes whenever I enter an area with placeables designed by me with the aforementioned shaders

  • TarashonTarashon Member Posts: 18
    Just have to jump in here and say I too tried the ( wonderful ) new shaders and city tileset with the excact same result. So as a PW builder i ended up reinstalling the game alltogether to solve the problems as i need to be able to use the Aurora toolset..

    Looking forward to see these things fully functional and in game ! :)


  • SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 48
    edited April 2019
    There's now a small update available that addresses the various reported issues:

    Our main focus right now is the more fundamental revisions of the graphics engine, but don't let that keep you from reporting issues and posting feedback regarding this package - it will be used eventually.

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