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NWN Enhanced Edition Toolset - custom content does not appear in game

I bought this game about a month ago (on Steam) in the hopes of using the toolset, but now that I've finally gotten around to it, I've encountered a total showstopper.

Nothing that I create or modify in any way will appear in-game. I can paint items in the toolset, modify their properties, create templates, customize them all I want, etc. However, when I launch the game and load up my custom module, nothing that I create appears in-game.

Technical support/developers, please help! I have posted this on the Neverwinter Vault and on Steam, and so far nothing they have suggested helped.

Bug details / what I have learned so far:
-I can place creatures from the game's standard templates, and they work normally. This works with both hostile creatures (e.g. a goblin), and helpful NPCs (e.g. Sharwyn). However, if I try to modify these creatures in any way, either by changing their faction, ability scores, or scripts, they no longer appear when I load the game.

-The inability of created or modified creatures to appear does not depend on what faction I assign them to, whether there is anything hostile nearby (or even in the same module), or what equipment or inventory I give them.

-Attempting to export the saved creature to an erf file does not seem to help, unless I badly misunderstood what was being suggested.

-Loading the module in a different operating system (Mac OSX Mojave as opposed to Microsoft Windows) does not change anything.

Thank you for your help.


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