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Keyboard + Droid

I noticed this the other night - NWN:Droid has keybindings

I've got a cheap Logitech k400 + keyboard (something better would be - well better) - it's basically a keyboard + mouse mini KB.

I got it for my NVidia Shield TV (you can browse the net awkwardly with a similar setup)

So - I purchased a USB-OTG lead to give this a try on my Samsung Tab S2

It works!

I sorta wish I'd got myself a better USB KB+Moose (deliberate typo) now

NWN as far more familiar now, I press M, up comes the map, I - hey presto, Inventory (yadada - all the same as desktop)

Please note that you should MAKE SURE the device you're using supports USB-OTG, not all do. I don't want you spending cash to enrich your experience when it won't work with your device.

I've got a cheapo Moto G5 phone - I'll try that if anyone's interested (actually - I'll test it anyway)

My iPad is a pro - that's got a KB - can't wait to test that one


This bit is for people who already have the required stuff

If you have a USB-OTG cable and a bluetooth KB (actually, a BT KB prob works as well if your device sees it)

This is just how I did it (so apologies to anyone who don't need the OTG - just skip the OTG bit coming up)

OTG allows you to connect peripherals to your Droid. This is NOT supported by all devices (so check before you invest). OTG allows you many options (device dependant - works on mine) - you can connect most things to your Droid if it's supported (I'll have to try my printer at some point). OTG means you have to buy a mini-USB -> OTG (normal sized) adaptor - in English money they cost about six quid for a decent one (spend the extra quid - cheap is as expected). Now you unplug your power cable (design flaw?) and plug your OTG in then plug the dongle that came with your OTG [insert product here] and you are in theory ready to go.

So, whether BT or OTG BT - lets try it (not got a BT KB)

I started up NWN after checking I could type a URL into Chrome - you have to get to the address box - yep, that works...

The BIG test...

Start NWN (initially let down as the up/down etc keys don't work)

Sudden realisation - Moose - yep, the mouse bit works perfectly so I can load any of the 37 saves I transferred from my PC

I'm now in SOU Chapter 1 and MOST things work as expected

This was a good experiment and well worth the cost of my OTG cable

Please be aware that this stuff MAY not work for you, if you wanna try - give it a go but DONT expect the same results I had unless you have exactly the same gear as me.


And for my next trick...

I have a JoyStick - I know NWN won't obey before I even start

Let's dive into this one next time if I have any useful info

Can't be too hard - key-remap


Edge stuff

As mentioned above I've got an NVidia Shield TV (super product)

I know for a fact that adding one line to the manifest will allow me to install it - done research on this

Sadly Beamdog's release denies me the ability to even TRY (they call it a beta for a reason)

I've got mouse, keyboard and joystick (not sure for NWN yet) on my Shield - why no Beamdog?

The same goes for the Fire market - Amazon are begging for apps, hell, they give you an APK converter - TRY IT?

As I'm just a fan of classic RPGs I look for solutions not yet asked for

This is how we advance and perfect stuff

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