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[mod] Region of Terror: Where in the world is Catti Brie

MelkorrMelkorr Member Posts: 23
edited February 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
So I'm playing BGT (not the EE edition) and have Region of Terror installed.
I'm currently in chapter 6 and have freed so far all of Drizzt's friends except for Catti-Brie.
I went back to Brynnlaw and got the Dragon imprisoned in the item. Now the last thing remaining is finding Catti-Brie but I have no clues where to go/what to do.
The last entry on the quest list is:
"We have trapped a dragon. Now we must wait for the next clue"

Does anyone has any insight on what should I do next?

EDIT: Found the solution:

I was supposed to meet a djinni at the entrance of the Underdark; so I went back there and found him and the quest moved on.
here is the full link:

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