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Hexxat why you so buggy / TRAPPED IN SHOU LUNG's TOMB

I retrieved the claw from the tomb and Hexxat will not offer to return us to Athkatla. I try to initiate dialogue and literally nothing happens. I know that I could use the console to move myself anywhere I want but I imagine that will prevent the quest from ever moving forward.

Any suggestions? Force removing her from the party yields an offer to return me home on the condition that she'll never see me again. "We're halfway across the world and you want to kick me out now?" Blah blah blah

Looking at the list on Keeper here are some of the variables I see that are relevant to Hexx. Will altering any of these help?


Should I just MoveToArea back home and then alter a variable to advance the quest to the next section? Oy vey...


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