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Attempting to find a workaround to known chapter 7 missions glitch, please share end game save files

There is a (apparently well known) series of quests glitches in chapter 7 that prevents the completion of several nested quests. It starts with quest "Slythe and Krystin" that fails to change state to <complete> after the player killed the two characters in question and picked up and read the letter and invitation. Then it propagates to dependent quests "The rise of Saverok" and "Tandem in Extremis" that remain pending as well.

I'm trying to find a workaround to this glitch by fiddling with quest related global variables in the save file, but since the game only records variables that have been amended / written to, I must be missing some of the variable names.

Can someone please share a BG:EE save file from the end game in which the three missions above have been marked as complete so that I can compare? It doesn't seem that a solution to this issue has been published so I'll post my findings in this thread if I manage to fix it.


  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,887
    Could you please help by uploading a save before entering the quest (if you have one) here:

  • StasisStasis Member Posts: 3
    I checked the game files with NearInfinity and I think I found the issue.

    /!\ spoilers ahead /!\

    There are no actions triggered by the Slythe and Krystin characters or dialog objects themselves. The only thing Slythe and Krystin can do is make lame comments, become hostile and die. The quest objects they carry (the invitation and the letter from Sarevok) do not have any active content either so if you just enter the undercellar by coincidence and run into them or because you were hinted by the letter that Duke Eltan stole from his "healer", the quest will simply remain open.

    The only way I have found in the game files to have the "Slythe and Krystin" quest closed is via some scenario that involves Husam. There are a few dialogue options that will lead Husam to inform you about Slythe and Krystin and lead you to their hideout. After killing them and getting the two scrolls, talking again to Husam will have the following effect:
    - Setting the global variable KillAssasins (not a typo) to 2
    - Erase pending journal entries and adding journal entry 27163 that closes the quest

    To fix the issue in-game without having to resort to fiddling with the save state, you have to find Husam and play along the most obvious and constructive dialog path. Do NOT pick a fight with him. Do NOT kill him. Do NOT send him off. If everything goes as it should, Husam will make you go a few locations and eventually complete the quest. His route is as follow (HusamMove variable state -> location)

    0/uninstanciated -> At the Thieves Guild
    1 -> At the Elfsong Tavern
    2 -> At the Splurging Sturgeon Inn
    5 -> Near the Blushing Mermaid
    6 -> At the Illmater shrine
    <completion of "Slythe and Krystin" quest>
    7 -> At sewer level under the Ducal palace (???)

    If you don't know where you have left Husam, check all these locations in order. If can't find him anywhere but haven't killed him, you can force him to be at Blushing Mermaid by setting HusamMove to 5 in the save file. If you have killed Husam, you'll have CLUA command him in again ("HUSAM" or "HUSAM2") so that he can complete the quest, trigger the right state transitions, and clean up the Journal. You can also try to clean up manually but it's more likely to have side effects if any of the variables is used somewhere else.

    An easy way to fix this glitch would be to have the quest completion transition for quest "Slythe and Krystin" happen when the last of Krystin or Slythe dies regardless of the state of affairs with Husam.

  • gohanf22gohanf22 Member Posts: 70
    So THIS is why the game never completes. I actually killed sarevok and nothing happened and I actually have those quests still not completed for some odd reason and I don't know why it never took the completion. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 4,621
    edited March 1
    gohanf22 wrote: »
    So THIS is why the game never completes. I actually killed sarevok and nothing happened and I actually have those quests still not completed for some odd reason and I don't know why it never took the completion. Is there a way to fix this?

    @gohanf22 the OP is about whether or not the encounter with Slythe & Krystin is shown as complete in the journal. That doesn't affect the ability to complete the game.

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