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Hmm so they only have level 1 and 15 pregens? level 1 dies no matter what in act 1 :(

So i've done the prelude tons over the years and beat the first act by finding the cure parts a few times.

Thing is if you don't do the prelude you start the first act at level 1 and then the prisoners in the prison district which is afaik the easiest one kinda one shot you because your HP is so low...

I tried both range and melee as a bard but at level 1 I can't survive and if I take the enemy back to the guards they kill them but I get 0 XP -_-

Tried a druid who I did the prelude with but in the prison area I died like 5 times and am losing so much xp and gold to respawning that I gave that up even though I wanted to play as a shifter or dragon form druid.

I also tried wizard but wizard can't rest to get back spells and because of how few spells you have you quite literally do one battle are are 100% useless for the next 50 battles since you can't rest with enemies in the giant area even if they aren't close. Unlike 5e D&D cantrips use slots so I can't even use cantrips making them totally useless after the one battle.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,222
    Hey there.
    If by Act I you mean finding the waterdavian creatures around the city, I remember it being way easier. Has your difficulty slider gone up?
    Anyhoo, if I were you I would get Daelan Redtiger as a henchman so you can attack from the back.

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,073
    Get Daelan, Tommy, Grimgnaw of Linu as henchman (or henchwoman) and stay in the back. On level 1 everybody will be much powerful, so you should gain xp quickly.
    I resting is an issue, I'd suggest clearing some house. Basically every map in Neverwinter during act 1 has some house with bunch of bandits. You can rest there with no problems.

  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 383
    If you don't do the prelude, you start at level 1 instead of 3. It's a pretty big issue and the game is really difficult. However, you can fix this yourself by just doing typing the commands in the chat:

    ##DebugMode 1
    ##dm_giveXP 3000
    (click on self)
    ##DebugMode 0

    That will get you up to what you should have already started with if you went through the tutorial.

  • Peteed1985Peteed1985 Member Posts: 63
    Even at level 3 the gang leaders one shot me and because I die so much I never level up or get stronger :(

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,222
    Peteed1985 wrote: »
    Even at level 3 the gang leaders one shot me and because I die so much I never level up or get stronger :(

    Hey Pete , here are some suggestions:

    1- Do the easiest enemies in each part of the city. At the península district fight the escaped prisoners on the street and avoid gang leaders, then go to beggar's nest. At beggar's nest fight all the weak zombies on the street then go to blacklake , at blacklake fight the enemies on the way to the district then come back to city core and go to the Docks , there you should fight the rogues on the street. This should get you to level 4 by fighting weaker enemies.

    2-Make use of the stone aribeth gave you! whenever your hit points go below 50%, use the stone!
    If you don't want to pay to go back whence you came, just walk back to the location (in chapter one it's easier to do that cause you're always inside the city)

    3- Avoid respawning , the xp loss might be a problem if you respawn too much , its better to reload.

    4- At city core's blacksmith you can buy some belts that give you huge protection from a type of damage, they are ridiculously expensive but you can save mobey till the end of chapter 1.

    5-Finally , make good use of your henchmen and summons. When in doubt just pick Daelan or Tomi.

  • Prince_RaymondPrince_Raymond Member Posts: 289
    edited February 2019
    Remember to speak to Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande once you have used the Stone of Recall to return you to the Hall of Justice. She will heal you and your henchman to full HP for free no matter how low they are. Thank you for reading, and happy gaming to all.

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