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A Baldur's Gate Gift Exchange -- Discord Channel

blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 31

Hello Baldur's Gate fans; you probably don't know me ( or do, I make portraits on here) but I'm here because something really cool is going on from now til June!

So for a while now, there's been a little group of ours on discord that discuss baldur's gate and life and share artwork and fanfics, but our Admin recently created a new server for a Baldur's Gate Gift Exchange

I'll copy/paste her exact invitation below with a small edit for a proper link to the actual information page:

Baldur’s Gate Gift Exchange - Signups Open!
What is the Baldur’s Gate Gift Exchange?
Sign up to the Baldur’s Gate Gift Exchange to create a gift for another Baldur’s Gate fan and receive a gift in return. It’s not just for fanfic - you can offer or request fanfic, fanart, fan craft, or any other kind of fanworks.

Request and offer your Baldur’s Gate favourite characters. There will be more Baldur’s Gate fanworks for everyone to enjoy!

Boo says, “You must sign up, or taste hamster justice!”(*)

Discord Server Links / General Questions

Signups close: 24 March
Assignments given: 25 March
Assignments due: 14 June

See the exchange link for more information about the dates and times!

(*) In this case, ‘taste hamster justice’ means ‘look up cute hamster pictures on the internet’.

So, she asked if I would reach out to the beamdog community and see if anyone would like to give it a try and sign up! Artists, writers, crafts, videos, anything creative is welcome as a gift exchange to show that you, like us, love baldur's gate!

Time to blink out! If you have any questions, feel free to message me, or to join the server, to which the admin / mod will be able to more aptly answer your questions!
(I hope this is okay that I'm dropping this in here -- as far as a signal boost, this was my suggestion!)



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