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Sacred Kingdoms - Now On EE

Hello my lovelies!! As the title suggests, Sacred Kingdoms (SK) has made its way to EE and is in the depths of a total overhaul and regeneration programme. Hooray!!

SK was one of the earliest servers on the original NWN and blazed the trail for balancing RP, PvE, and PvP into one ecosystem.

We cater for a wide range of player abilities, experiences, and wants. Want to casually roam around the world smashing monsters in the face? Check. Want to get embroiled in political mischief and intrigue? Check! Want to wage war, murder your friends, and drink yourself under a table in celebration? Definite check!!

We run a wide range of events that cover DM-led stories, both large and small, PvE hunting parties, and RP gatherings. The DM team also take requests to run personal quests to advance personal storylines and RP.

On top of that we have bespoke crafting, spell research, PvE, appearance customisation, and questing systems with plans for more in the pipeline. These are all driven from player requests and feedback.

The server is NWSync enabled, so you can just click and go!

Our community can be found at Hope to see you all soon!



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    edited April 2019
    Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever your local timezone identifies as.

    SK has recently had a major update to include a deity system. Characters can pick a deity, pray and donate gold to them, and ultimately establish churches and cults of Faerûnian gods. There's already talk of a cult of Bhaal and Moradin's followers are already mining the cavern to build a hall of decadence in His name.

    We're also pushing new PvE, RP, and PvP content weekly with expanding quests and homebrew systems that are constantly evolving to player feedback. One of the server aspects I am most proud of is the open dialogue we have with players and how quickly it takes to develop their ideas to working in the module.

    Dedicated team, fantastic and expanding RP community, and a relaxed, friendly environment. Characters can be rolled, geared, and on their way in minutes within a general Forgotten Realms setting. It's never been easier to get in and get on with developing your character story.

    Come join the party -

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