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Rest at the throne of bhaal/ can anyone beat throne of bhaal

Thematically should you rest during the final fight of throne of bhaal.

Secondly can anyone beat the final fight with a solo sorcerer with scs (32 release 9 or 31) and ascension with all the difficulty increases, insane, no difficulty increased damage.

So far i think i can do it but can anyone do this without resting inbetween (at the bits you can use a certain pocket thing).

Also im not using project image, so without that.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,140
    If I recall correctly, SCS with the highest difficulty +Ascension mod has been cleared solo by every class except Druid.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 4,621
    A sorcerer does not need to rest as they can use wish to restore spells.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,929
    edited March 7
    i agree with @Grond0, or better the PI of the sorcerer can use wish. i don't play ScS, but in a full run of soa+tob my solo sorcerer had only one instance of failing to get the rest option EDIT: and i routinely used it after most of the hard battles, i like to have my sorcerers always 100% combat ready and in full efficiency END OF EDIT. as in the game there are 3 wish scrolls a wise thing is to have them in a quick slot so 3 more chances to get it are there.
    if the solo sorcerer knows also the simulacrum spell even better. it can seem to be a waste of a precious other lev 8 spell learned, but at high level the simulacrum is quite powerful by himself, and soloing that level will be reached quickly. to have a less powerful clone that is still quite powerful and that does not freeze charname allows some tactics that other way are not possible and in some situations is a safety belt. i remember that once the pi of my sorcerer was stunned and then the enemy focused on my sorcerer killing him as he was frozen, i was playing with tactics mod, where most of the enemies can see trough invisibility, but i suppose that also in ScS similar situations can happen. for a party sorc simulacrum is way less important. EDIT2: a simulacrum can use his own wish, in end game is capable of casting some lev 9 spells, and then the scrolls in the quick slot while the sorcerer is engaged in combat. END OF EDIT2

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