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Anything else I should do before proceeding? (Spoilers)

I'm at the point where I've escaped Candlekeep and need to head back to Baldurs Gate. I went over the Naskel Mines to get a +2 longsword for my PC that I missed and recently learned about. This is my only play through where I have gotten passed the mines without restarting or being an too immature as a kid to get passed it.

Really just want to make sure I don't miss any 'Major' side quests. I'm a level 7 Inquisitor dual wielding longswords. I've explored most areas except a few wilderness areas at this point.

I'm going to import this character into BG2 and want to max out his experience as much as possible before doing so. I'm also really the digging the tomes to improve his stats. Strength and dex are already at 19.

I didn't know how quickly the story line would progress as even though I'm aware of the entire plot, I've never actually done it.

I also haven't really explored Baldur's Gate other than the main quest stuff that pushes you through. (I did the Ogre Mage in the sewers)

Any loot I should grab that will import?


  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 963
    edited March 7
    I cannot say for sure what you have accomplished so far, but if you have gotten all the tomes (+1 on everything except wisdom, +3 on wisdom - though one of the wisdom tomes requires a morally reprehensible act), then there is not much else from Baldur's Gate I that you could take with you to Baldur's Gate II (unless you make a detour over Siege of Dragonspear).
    The Golden Pantaloons can be imported. However to make any use of them you need to perform a morally reprehensible act.
    Further, the Helm of Balduran, the Claw of Kazgaroth, the Horn of Kazgaroth and Koveras' Ring of Protection +1 compete for one importing slot. Considering the ring is basically worthless and the horn is not too impressive, your choice is basically between the Helm and the Claw. If you have none of these items, the game will just give you the Helm (which is arguably the best helm in the entire trilogy).
    The Protector of the Second, the Mail of the Dead, Fallorain's Plate and the Chainmail +3 compete for the final importing slot. The Mail of the Second is the default option if you have none of these items with you. I tend to prefer the Chainmail +3 because it is worth the most money, and none of these armors are really noteworthy in Baldur's Gate II.

    For more information on what adventures you might be missing out on, I suggest you consult a walkthrough.

    By the way, there is a difference between "past" and "passed". "Past" (in this context) means beyond. As in, "I ventured beyond that line." - I crossed the line and went further.
    "Passed" is the past tense of the verb "pass". In this context it means for two things to move past (see above) one another.

    With the latest patch, your longsword +2 is now also eligible for import, unless your main character also happens to carry around any of the following: The Burning Earth +1, Ashideena +2, Bala's Axe, Suryris Blade +2, the Grave Binder +2, the Staff Spear +2, the Staff Mace +2 or the Sling +3.

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