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Issues when moving between locations 'Watcher's Keep' and 'Wild Forest' (Shadows of Amn).

In Shadows of Amn game part, when you try to move between 'Watcher's Keep' and 'Wild Forest' the main character appears in the bottom left corner, somewhere outside the visible game zone and can't move from there by a normal way.

Thus, if for the first time try to go from the 'Watcher's Keep' to the 'Wild Forest', then Neera's script doesn't start (black screen, you can hear the sounds of the environment and thats all). If you go to the 'Wild Forest' location from another game location, and then try to go from the 'Wild Forest' to the 'Watcher's Keep'location, then what happens is described in the first paragraph - the main character appears outside the visible game zone and can't move from there.

I created a bug report #40300.

P.S. Something similar has already been described in bug report #39274.

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