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Silvermask Saga

Silvermask Saga is a persistent world (PW) for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. This world is not based in the Forgotten Realms, but in a homebrewed pen and paper campaign setting aptly named The Silvermask Saga.

The server is a 2-30 level world and is in an Open-Beta state allow players to progress and test as we expand the world. All players are welcome and even other admins are invited to explore the server. Part of the culture is a free and open exchange of ideas and properties. So we are open to sharing any systems with other servers if they see something they like.

Tear Enchant System(TES), this system is a major focus, as all gear and loot revolve around its usage. This Slot based system allows the player to add Tears to items to grant different effects to items to personalize the equipment to the player's preferences. Most items start with a base 3 slots, but special tears can be used to add additional slots, up to a maximum of 10 per item. Tears come in varying sizes that effect how many slots each tear requires. They vary in sizes of 1, 2, 4, and 8 slot sizes.

Death System, upon death on this server, you never lose xp. Instead you are converted to a ghost and you must find a way to get resurrected, be it by other players, special potions, or churches in the nearest town.

Lastly, the staff of Silvermask Saga have come from the now Defunct La La Land PW. When the server finally closed it's doors in Oct/Nov 2018, we decided we weren't done with NWN (or it decided it wasn't done with us). So we hope folks from that old server will give us a shot, and come see what we have available.

Either way, we are back in the world.
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