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Guide - How to transfer PC saves to iPhone/iPad (No Jailbreaking)

Xan713Xan713 Member Posts: 1
Do you own BGEE on PC and iPad/iPhone? If yes, keep reading.

If you want to extract your JAILBROKEN iPad/iPhone to open files in iFunbox and then edit with EEKeeper on PC, visit this link:

Here’s how I transfer from PC to iPad/iPhone *WITHOUT* Jailbreaking your device and having to use iFunbox:

Note— (a) Software used on PC - WinRar, Windows 10. You can use Dropbox, or any mail client you wish.
—WinRar is important because you’ll need to PROPERLY edit a file name in step 6.
Note—(b) Software used on iPad/iPhone - ‘Files’ app, Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition. You can use any mail client, and any file explorer program that lets you view and interact with downloaded files. You can use Dropbox also.

PC to phone:
A. Quick save the game you want to transfer to your iPad/iPhone.
B. It’ll have a name like ‘0000000001-QuickSave’ keep this in mind..
1. Find your PC save directory, which is usually in My Documents/Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition/Save (or BPsave, for Black Pits) and locate your named gamesave folder you want to transfer.
2. Each folder is related to a different save, so make sure you know what it’s called. Copy the game savefolder you want to bring across to phone, and send it to your desktop. Do not rename the folder. We will do the renaming later.
3. Make a new folder on your desktop, and call it ‘Transfer save’ or something you can personally know to remember for a later step.
4. You should have 2 folders on your desktop now. One called “Transfer save” (or the name you chose) and the other being your gamesave folder you want to transfer. Right click on the gamesave folder you want and choose Send To: choose Compressed Folder Zip. Once it’s done, move that file into the Transfers folder on your desktop.
5. Compress the Transfers folder into a zip, which should have the gamesave folder inside it.
6. Now, when you open the compressed Zip, this is where WinRar will come in handy. You’ll see the save gamefolder you wanted to send to your iPad/iPhone. Rename it, at the end of the name *THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT* add the following: ‘.bg1save’ and press Enter. It will stop looking like a WinRar file and will look like a blank file.
7. You’ve completed the steps that the iPad/iPhone needs to recognise the save file. Now, all that’s left to do is to put it on your iPad/iPhone...........

1. Open the save game folder and extract the file ending in ‘.bg1save’ (it has to have turned into a blank file, without the WinRar association). Send it to your desktop.
2. Email this file to your own email as an attachment (or use Dropbox), remember to remind yourself what it is.
3. On your iPad/iPhone, open your mail client and download the attachment.
4. Using “Files” app, or another app that can locate downloads, choose the file and open it. It will ask you what to open with.
5. Choose Open In “Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition”
6. Nothing will happen, so just open the game, and load game.
7. The file will be at the top of your list. Enjoy.

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