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Q. about SCS Solo

I have never tried to solo BG2 SCS but would like to try it with a sorcerer and have a few questions.

1) Can I finish the initial dungeon solo or should I go solo AFTER the initial dungeon?
I think SCS only allows you to rest once in the initial dungeon which I think might make it impossible for a solo sorcerer.

2) How do you heal?
Just regeneration ring and potions?

I think there at end of Eyeless Cult you need to cast some sort of heal on a monster. How do you get by this?



  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,055
    I'm pretty sure you can just go invisible and skip most of the initial dungeon.

    As for the cleric quest, if you are of good alignment, you get free heal spells. Otherwise, you could use the Gloves of Healing.
  • tedmann12tedmann12 Member Posts: 126
    Im intrigued by SCS solo... I’m currently deep in my 2nd scs playthrough, about to start ToB (running a skald). Ive never solod any of the baldurs gates so im planning to restart soon and play solo. Worried that after only playing scs that regular solo will be too easy.

    But solo SCS seems like it would just be fuckin nuts idk. Thinking about some fights and I just don’t get how you can do it... I suppose extreme cheese is always an option. Anyway I am on the fence about solo SCS. I wanna love the idea but not quite there yet.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,453
    First dungeon can be completed very fast with little danger, even in scs. For solo sorcerer, mirror image, invisibility, minute meteors, stoneskin and maybe haste helps in the first dungeon. Since a solo sorcerer won't need many items (sword of chaos, etc.) you can go invisible and grab the required keys and bail out fast. Only really required fight is the mephit portal room, IIRC, but you can use a summon monster scroll (there are some in level 1) to bait the mephits and deal with the portals with minute meteors fast enough. Other traps can be mitigated by stoneskin and mirror image buffs. Be very careful for the poison dart traps, you might want to skip them.
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,098
    The SCS restriction on resting is tied to Imoen - she has some dialogue after a rest David W wanted to protect, so the restriction on resting only kicks in after that dialogue (and if you're solo that never occurs and you can rest as much as you want). I agree though that, for a sorcerer, it would be easy to get through the dungeon without resting anyway.
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,079
    fncruz wrote: »
    I think there at end of Eyeless Cult you need to cast some sort of heal on a monster.
    Rods of resurrection count as healing, fortunately.
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