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Dualing at 250k level cap?

I've been playing my evil Kensai since Candlekeep and plan on dualing at lvl 9 to thief. She'll hit lvl 9 at 250k xp, which I believe is the xp cap.

So, what happens when I hit 250k? Can I level up to 9? (Guess so) Can I dual afterwards? (Guess so) Can I level up again? (Don't think so, but would be sweet).


  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,055
    I am pretty sure the level cap is 500k, so you should be able to dualclass and then advance your thief sufficiently to regain your kensai levels.
    Dualclassing once you have reached the XP cap makes no sense and I believe it is impossible, too.
  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    500? Ok, chill. That would make all my questions redundant.
  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    Jay! Just dualed! After all those hours invested in the character, I got all giddy. :)
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