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increase the intensity of enemies battle cry sound in BG2EE

DrAzTiKDrAzTiK Member Posts: 37

I don't know why but in BG2EE, enemies battle cry sound are hardly audible in comparaison to Bg1EE. (I mean BATTLE_CRY 1-2-3-4-5 in near infinity)

The consequence is that battles in BG2EE are somewhat less "colorfull" in comparaison to BG1EE.

Would it be possible to "fix" that ? For me it is a fix. Or maybe I should post this ug in another forum ?

Strangely, when I listen the sounds in near infinity (battle cry sounds), it looks like these sound get a correct "intensity" so I don't understand why these sound are hardly audible during fights.

Thank you very much

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