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[ZS PW] Scripting and Module Creation Stream

Hi guys,

I'm a dev from the persistent world Dark Hour (zombie survival) from way back in 2008 (not to be confused with the recent Dark Hour module hosts which had a bad reputation. That was a different team and an old module.)

For those interested, I've rewritten the entire 2008 module from complete scratch. It took months of dedicated work but it's nearly at a playable spot.

This next week 3/25/19 - 3/29/19 I will be streaming the development of the module. It will be mostly scripting and debugging/testing.

The purpose of this stream is not really to advertise the module, but more to allow an opportunity for you guys to asks your scripting questions. NWScript is a huge hobby of mine and I know there isn't a whole lot of information available for it online. This will be a chance to follow along to see how module creation is done live, ask any questions, or see some live demonstrations of things you might have wanted to learn to do.

I don't have the greatest microphone but I'm happy to educate anyone interested in NWScript.



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