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Dual Switching Laptops, nVidia WITH Intel chips and performance issues/white boxes?



  • darkvash83darkvash83 Member Posts: 1

    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M (Mobile) on Windows 7 Ultimate.
    I was having strange text and flickering menus that eventually led to a crash before even getting into the game itself.

    Tried the .ini change. Didn't work
    Tried the preffered graphic selector... didn't exist for my graphics card :(
    Tried just about everything else, no luck.

    Finally took the nuclear option, went into the NVIDIA control panel, Manage 3D setting tab, and turned EVERYTHING off globally. Works fine now. Go figure. I will go through option by option and see what the problem was...


    Selected the baldur.exe using the program settings tab in the NVIDIA control panel. Turn "Threaded Optimization" OFF.

    It isn't the fastest thing in the world... but it WORKS! Huzzah!

    Just wanted to say : THANK YOU.

    T H A N K Y O U.

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