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Choosing mod components

AlonsoAlonso Member Posts: 806
Edit: Post completely changed because I found the solution to my problem just after creating the thread.

I was doing my third installation of SCS and finding it a real chore. The first time I installed it I loved reading each description, choosing carefully which components I wanted and which ones I didn't want, and anticipating how each one was going to change the game. However, the third time around it was a pain to go through the documentation again just to figure out which components to install.

Then I thought that choosing the same components I used in my last installation should work for me. Of course, I didn't remember which components I had used last time. However, looking at the files in my old installation folder I eventually came across WeiDU.log, which seems to be a summary of all the mods I have installed and the components installed for each mod. This helped a lot. Once I found this file I just had to select the same components I installed last time.

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