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Find trap spell and thief disarming question

I never used find trap spell, but if i use it, the revealed trap can be disarmable by a thief ? Because i read somewhere that if i reveal trap by using find trap spell it cant be disarmed until the thief not find it with her own skill.
Can smbody confirm it ?


  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,603
    A good question. I've never used that spell either, for the same reason. What is the point in finding a trap if you can't disarm it?

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 910
    I try to use some new rp and use the ranger npcs stealth skill, and find traps. Maybe works for detect the trap and after disarm it later or i dunno, i just curious :smile:

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    dunbar wrote: »
    A good question. I've never used that spell either, for the same reason. What is the point in finding a trap if you can't disarm it?

    an trap can be avoided, there is almost no trap that i can remember of that prevent you to complete a quest, at least in bg2.
    a trap can also be tanked, by a mage protected by mirror images (+ luck if in a no reload situation), by a toon with great hp and in other ways, even if some of them need to know the nature of the trap, ie if it deals acid damage some protection against acid can be used.

    i don't know if is true that a thief can not disarm a trap that is detected by a spell, but i know for sure that, at least in the original game, a thief can open a trap detected by an other thief, in ee i had never had party with 2 thieves one detecting and the other disarming to test it.
    but if you have a save game with a thief, a cleric and a trap near by is easy to test if the thief can disarm it after the cleric reveals it.

    @Danacm , if now that some days have passed you have tested if the thief can disarm the trap please post the results, i am curious about it.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    i tried doing some diggin and from what i can find, the find traps spell has a 100 in find traps ( from what it looks like ) i swear back in the vanilla days it said it only had a 50 in find traps but this one seems to have 100

    anyway, how traps work is that they have 2 scores; find and disarm

    the game doesnt care who does the finding and who does the disarming, as long as the parameters match, the trap will be found if you score is high enough and the trap will be disarmed if your score is high enough

    so in theory you could have one thief find a trap and have another disarm it, but in the BG games, find/disarm are both the same score and usually disarm is higher than finding ( usually only about 5%, although i have seen some rare cases were finding was around 20 and disarm was around 60 )

    so pretty much if find traps finds a trap that your thief couldn't find, chances are your thief won't be able to disarm it anyway

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