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Import/Export HP problem

This has been an issue since the dawn of time and continues to plague me. I cannot export my Kensai/Thief character from the end of TOB to the beginning of SOA because my hitpoints go from that of a kensai's, to that of a thief's.

I have hoped upon every update that this would be fixed, but alas, dual class oppression continues.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,078
    i suppose that the engine uses your active class to calculate your hp. if so the problem should be also true for those that import any completed dual from bg or sod, thing that is maybe even more relevant.
    anyway is something you can easily fix with eekeeper.
    you can also file it at under Feature Requests, asking for a correct hp calculation that uses the first class for the levels it has and then the second one for the remaining hp.

  • hazelnutshazelnuts Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2019
    I have been filing this problem since 2015, I'm afraid, and eekeeper just feels a bit like cheating to me. It also doesn't fix the progression of HP.

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  • ProbablyNotANumberProbablyNotANumber Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2019
    I found this bug yesterday along with my first ever use of Enhanced Edition. I looked up and found that this bug is fixed on version 2.6, which is currently still under development.

    It was fixed right before the current latest version 2.5.x was released, in August/September.

    Whenever 2.6 is out (if ever), that's when we should get proper HP. In the meantime I just restore the correct value with NearInfinity.

    Sorry, I can't look up the source link right now.

    @hazelnuts Here's the source:

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,078
    edited April 2019
    eekeeper is really user friendly and if it can be used for cheats is also a good way to "fix" some bugs until they are fixed by the developers or by some modder.
    is a tool, its use is completely up to you.
    if you don't want to use it cause you know that having it the temptation to cheat in better stats, items that you are not supposed to have and so on would be too strong for you it is ok.
    but using it to fix something that you regard as a bug, waiting for an official fix since 4 years ago, is certainly not a cheat.

    it give us also a way to give to the npcs a different flavor, you want to have a archer valygar instead of a stalker, why not if you don't change his stats or make him more powerful in other ways. or a totemic druid cernd, a fighter->mage nalia
    as long as you don't create things like a berseker aerie or other monstrosities from a RP point of view it gives you the chance to play npcs that you have already played many times, preserving the banters and personal quests, but having a different, not necessarily more powerful, feeling.
    but in your case you can simply fix the hp of your dual class after importing him and forget that you have eekeeper installed...

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