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Minsc turns hostile



  • ArviaArvia Member Posts: 113
    @BelgarathMTH good idea, thanks. Never used Aerie before.
    But what will happen if I have Yoshimo with me and refuse to work with Renal Bloodscalp?

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 4,910
    @Arvia , I don't think he cares - he just wants you to protect him from reprisals, iirc. I'd forgotten about that storyline. Does anyone else know if Yoshimo will eventually leave the party if you don't agree to work for Renal?

    If Yoshimo can't be used because of his shady connections, who can do locks and traps for you? Also, there's the whole thieves' guild vs. vampires thing where you have to choose one.

    This is getting back towards the original thread topic. BG2 causes quite a few conundrums for the paladin player, to be sure.

  • ArviaArvia Member Posts: 113
    edited April 13
    @BelgarathMTH I have just installed the Alternatives mod, so the choice to do the Thieves guild should not happen.

    Jan Jansen? NEVER again. Once was enough. Alignment aside, he talks more than my sister AND both my children together 😁

    I don't know if Nalia is good enough for traps. But she's also annoying with her "I try to behave like it doesn't matter I'm noble, but don't you ever forget I'm noble!" attitude.

    To keep Yoshimo is complicated, but I'll see. Still in Irenicus' dungeon right now.

    And it was not that he leaves I think. Bloodscalp threatened to kill him, but I never tried if they actually attacked the party.

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  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,333
    @Arvia Xan being fragile shouldn't be much of an issue. Keep him in the back like any good mage.

  • GSMGSM Member Posts: 34
    he has brain damage

    dont worry about it ;)

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 96
    I don’t think Yoshimo will leave if you don’t see Renal. He has good reasons to stay with you. If you join the other side in the guild war I recall that that plot line is cut off anyway (so you can be unable to recruit Edwin on taking the more evil path).

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 96
    Are you playing on PC Arvia? If so there are some excellent mods by which you can mod Imoen or Nalia to be a single class thief. Modding Imoen in this way can fit in well with a paladin playthrough - your sister sometimes takes a questionable approach, poking her nose where it shouldn’t sometimes, but she is your sister and a good and usually honourable person

  • ArviaArvia Member Posts: 113
    edited April 11
    @ilduderino I'm playing BG1 on Android and BG2 on PC. Mods are possible on both. I thank you for your advice but Imoen's thieving skills are good enough for my purpose, I just wonder if I can get on without Yoshimo until I get her back. If I take Nalia and make her a thief, I still need a mage and have too many party members. If I let her the way she is, I don't know if she can actually pick the important locks (she seems okay for traps). So, maybe I will keep Yoshimo after all.

  • ArviaArvia Member Posts: 113
    Big Yoshimo spoiler ahead
    if you leave him in the Copper Coronet, I heard he drops dead after Spellhold or something? Could I still take his heart to try to redeem him, or does it not appear because I wouldn't have known about his story? Would be one more reason to keep him...

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 96
    Pretty sure it does not appear and you have to take him to get it

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