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Saerileth issue; the romance has stalled

ANOFANOF Member Posts: 70
I went into the Umar Hills, and when I went to the cave with the mimic, there was a purple dragon outside. I killed it, and Saerileth said that we should go to the Order of the Radiant Heart and report back to Sir Havun Clarenshide. There is also an automated journal entry that pretty much says the same thing.

But I have no idea who Sir Clarenshide is. I've never encountered him. And when I go to the Order of the Radiant Heart, he is nowhere to be found, either inside or outside.

How do I spawn him, and how have I, if at all, messed with Saerileth's quests and romance?

EDIT: I've been able to spawn Sir Havun. When I talk to him, he thanks me for killing the dragon, and then asks me to kill a bunch of vampires below the graveyard. Accepting the task starts Chapter Thrree, so I didn't save the game, and I'll spawn him at some point in the future.
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  • ANOFANOF Member Posts: 70
    The romance has continued, but there is a problem. I rested outside and I got the love next talk; it was in parenthesis, and said that I had a bowl of stew and was looking at Saerileth across the fire. Then it says;

    (suddenly the silence is broken)

    The dialogue box vanishes and another character is supposed to appear on the scene...only they don't. Nothing happens, and clearly something is supposed to.
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    Know this many years old but was thinking of trying mod, read its because the only finable version 19.7 has the bug and you need v20 but no1 can find it.

    Do you know if that true and do you some how recall if you ever fixed it if it is.

    I think I found a v23 so going to give it a go.
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