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Kirik Khal doesn't leave the Refuge

I've spoken to Amanis Khal (and to Kirik) and I've left and returned to the refuge, many times, but Kirik is still there, so I can't get the quest "Amanis Khal's Missing Son"! Is there any way to force the kid to disappear, so that I can get the quest?


  • Marte1980Marte1980 Member Posts: 8
    It seems I've been able to fix the quest.
    I looked at Amanis' dialogue file and found that the trigger is on the global variable "ohn_amanis_plot" being set to 2, so I set it to that value and now the kid has disappeared and his mother is offering me the quest. I'm leaving this info here, just in case it could of be use to someone else.
    C:SetGlobal("ohn_amanis_plot", "global", 2)
    I used the command somewhere else (ex. in Trademeet) and then rested, simply because I'm not sure what events the game needs to check the new values of global variables and update itself in response.

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