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Selling missile ammo

I've been frustrated with the inability to sell basic arrows, bolts, darts, bullets, etc. as well as slings and quarterstaffs in BG 1 and Siege of Dragonspear. Seems like I can't sell those items in BG 2 either. I've stockpiled over 2000 arrows and about 500 each of bolts and bullets, plus about 30 - 40 slings and quarterstaffs.

I'm perfectly fine with selling them for 1 gold each. I don't want to overflow storage boxes, barrels, chests, etc. with the ammo and staffs / slings. Let the stores store the excess items.

Is there any mod or cheat or option that would allow me to sell these items to a blacksmith or archery store? Surely they'd appreciate the unused ammunition and they could sell these to other adventurers.


  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 581
    I don’t think it’s possible I’m afraid, I always assumed they are considered too low value to be sold for 1gp. I recall basic quarterstaffs used to be unsellable too and now sell for 1gp so maybe this could change

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    Veristek wrote: »
    I've stockpiled over 2000 arrows and about 500 each of bolts and bullets, plus about 30 - 40 slings and quarterstaffs.

    I'm perfectly fine with selling them for 1 gold each.
    sorry mate i could not refrain it
    1 gold each? :#
    shops sell arrows at 40 for a gold piece, same for the bullets.
    so 2000 arrows and 1000 bolts/bullets are 75 gp, if you buy them.
    selling you get less, it depends on your charisma and reputation but let's say that if you could sell all the mundane ammo you have at best it would have been 50 golds...
    yep, there are also the weapons, sold for 1 gold so selling them yourself you probably would get an other 20 golds.
    we are talking at best of stuff that you could sell for an astonishing grand total of 70 golds ;)

    if you sell enchanted ammo and weapons it can be and is rewarding, sell the staff of ram and the erinne sling and all the bullets, bolts and arrows at least +2 you loot in the game, also the bolts and arrows with elemental damage or that have a chance of poisoning are worth to do it.
    that is the real business! there you make the money!
    what i told can sound offensive or derespectful, i assure you that it is not my intention, i took only the opportunity to let you understand why you can not sell such stuff in the game while we laugh together. i also had in the past and even today asked similar questions that as you know the answer you realize are silly...

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,134
    edited April 2019
    The mod Tweaks Anthology has an option called 'Sellable Items' that allows you to sell some of these things for cheap. Even a staff will net 1gp.

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  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    I looked up the Tweaks Anthology, downloaded it, and activated that "Sellable Items" option. Still no dice. I can sell staffs and slings, but still can't sell basic arrows, bolts, bullets, darts, etc.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    i told you, you can buy them from every merchant at a price of 0.025 gold pieces each, if you could sell them for 1 gold piece each it would have been an infinite money loop. and the game can not handle fractions of gold piece.
    the total value of the ammo you want to sell is 75 gold, pretending to sell them at a gold piece each would be worth 3000 gold, but then you could buy them back for 75 gold and repeat. and it would not make sense.
    selling them at their real value, thing that is difficult to mod cause you don't have to modify a flag inside the arrow or bullet item and put the modified item in the override folder, like has surely been done for the slings and staves. you have to modify something that is hard coded in the engine. something extremely complicated if the modder does not have the source code, that obviously is not public, is kept secret to avoid piracy.
    to allow a player earn maybe 200 gp in the whole soa?
    no modder will never spend his time for such a silly thing.

    why do you worry so much about the ammo? trow it away if you have too much...
    cause selling it at 1 gp each would create the infinite money loop
    and selling them at their real price, that is 40 for 1 gp, so 0,025 gp each can not be done technically and any way would only be 75 gold more in your pocket, that are nothing in a game where you probably earn more then 100k gold.

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    I've been banned from my local pawn shop for trying to sell them lightly used wooden sticks and odd numbers of rounded stones.

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    In my opinion selling your loot should be made more difficult, not easier. I always feel strange dropping hundreds of highly expensive weapons and suits of armor on the counter of some random shop and getting compensation in the hundreds of thousands.
    If you are going to sell all the stuff at all, it should be to a larger organization that actually has both use for it and the means to purchase it. So I tend to roleplay that I sold it to the city guard or the local order of paladins or the military or something of the kind.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    I'm not looking to make infinite money or huge profit off selling projectile weapons. Just a way to safely get rid of them.

    My concern is more about overflowing storage containers. In other RPG's, containers have finite storage or get bugged / glitchy if too many stuff gets put in them. In a few other games, I get lag or crash if too many items or objects are onscreen / in area at once. I want to avoid those problem in BG if they could happen.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    in my experience without looting further mundane ammo, but leaving them on the ground if i have enough of them, never gave a problem. it was true also with the potato computers i was using at the beginning of the millennium, that were much less powerful of the lousest cellphone of today.
    everything you drop or leave on the ground disappears after some time (quest related items are an exception, to protect you for breaking the game if you drop by error them).
    the items in containers don't fade away with time passing.
    possibly if you drop 3000 ammo in a single area you can gen some lag or problem in that area untill the ammo vanish, but if you drop a large amount of items in an area you are not planning to visit for some day and then you travel away it should not be a problem, and avoid to pick too much not enchanted ammo as you loot surely don't give problems.

    leave the surplus ammo somewhere on the ground and forget about it, problem solved.
    i hope it helps you.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Thanks. I didn't know items despawned once left on the ground.

    I have another question. Is there a max item storage for containers in the game? Chests, bookcases, barrels, etc? 50 items per container? 100? Unlimited? I plan on creating an "armory" of sorts, storing all the magic weapons, armor, accessories, ammunition, etc. in one place.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    i am not sure, but i would say that there isn't.
    as each arrow or bullet count as 1 if in a container (you can fill the bag of holding with few ammo...) if you have stuffed 3000 ammo in the same container it means that if there is a cap is at least that high.

    your idea is very good. i also do the same.
    a couple of tips:
    convenience, use an area that you can access easily and containers that are close to the point you access the area. a good example is in the slums, you can use some containers in the planar sphere after you clear it and each time you have to go to your armory is a long route, use instead the 2 containers right in front of cc (nobody but you steal from containers in the game), few seconds after you enter the slums you have access to the armory.

    before transitioning to tob you can move your armory in some container in wk, the only area you can access from both soa and tob, all that you leave in containers in soa will become not available as you begin tob.

    keep the things in proportion. i and many other players always end the game with a lot of potions, enchanted ammo and other consumables not used. it has no sense to use some of the rarest potions for easy battles, but use your potions, use your good ammo, you can also buy more if needed and as the game progresses you reach to point that you have more money that you can possibly spend so in tob you can have all the +3 and +4 bullets you can need, loot + shops, what sense in having 500 +1 ones at that point of the game?
    the same is true for some weapons, the sword that let a fighter have mirror images can be useful even in some late tob situation, same for some weapon that add a static protection or have some charges/day. but many enchanted weapons that are good in soa will never be used in tob cause there you have better alternatives, move to the wk armory only what is really worth for some reason.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 670
    The problem with starting out as a level 1 adventurer (in BG1) with zero experience is that it turns you into a bit of a hoarder. I suspect nearly everyone does it to some extent. You just have to face up to the fact that, at a certain point, it makes almost no sense to keep unenchanted ammo. Sure, maybe keep some around for low-level encounters, but as gorgonzola said, use what's appropriate and buy more later.

    I actually left a crap ton of useless, unsellable crap in empty bins until I started to realize that. In one of my old save games, the table in the CC is full to brimming with unenchanted arrows, bullets, clubs, quarterstaffs, etc. Once it occurred to me that my default go-to arrows were now at least +1 and +2, I quit bothering looting bodies for the plain stuff and left it behind for the garbage collector.

    As for Watcher's Keep, it never occurred to me that you could move things into ToB with it, but it makes absolute sense. I normally use the De'Arnise keep as my stronghold, so all of my stuff is stored there, but I will have to remember this trick on this playthrough.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Quick question, Gorgonzola. What is "WK" abbreviated for? So I know what / where it is to set up my armory.

  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,240
    Veristek wrote: »
    Quick question, Gorgonzola. What is "WK" abbreviated for? So I know what / where it is to set up my armory.
    It stands for Watcher's Keep.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    edited April 2019
    watcher's keep, the very big dungeon you find in the word map.
    originally the game was only soa (shadows of amn), then tob (throne of bhaal ) was introduced, and wk with it.
    having tob installed (in ee is automatic as the former game + expansion are sold as a single unit) you can access the wk area and do its quest, that is a standalone, independent ftom both the soa and tob plot, both from soa and tob. you can actually begin the wk plot in soa, do some levels of the dungeon, and conclude it in tob if you wish.
    as you end soa you loose the access to the soa areas, but as you can reach wk form both the former game and expansion is the only way to carry things to tob without having them in the party inventory at the moment of the last soa savegame.
    EDIT: nunjaed by @Doubledimas :D i donìt erase cause there is further information in my post

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Thanks again for the info! I appreciate your patience with all my questions.

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