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How would you implement the wicked influence of the Ring of Gaxx?



  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 910
    In PnP the ring of Gaxx causes its user to turn into a demonic creature after wearing it for 24 hours, the transformation continues over the next 3 days and becomes permanent if it completes.

    So i found it interesting and search a little. In a 2e official material there is an Encyclopedia Magica (page 966) where ring of gaxx complete description from.
    A dude in an old forum copy paste it:

    There is the curse of the ring:
    Curse Once the ring is worn for more than 48 continuous hours, it begins to transform the wearer (over the next 96 hours) into a creatuer of unknown origin. A thick pair of horns grows 2 inches above the ears; the skin hardens into thick scales, providing a natural AC of 5, the eyes develope infravision (90') and daylight becomes painful (-2 penalty to attack rolls). The lower canines extend an inch beyond the lips, horn and bite attacks are possible, inflicting 1d4/1d4/1d6 points of damage.

    To reverse an incomplete transformation, the ring must be removed for a number of hours equal to the number worn. However, once the change is complete it is permanent. The wearer now needs it to survive-without it death occurs in 72 hours.

    Suggested means of destruction The ring must be taken by hand to the center of the sun; return it to the alien culture that crafted it; the creatures that created the ring must be found and the ring must be returned to them.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    Insightful, but it has to be told that the game behavior is usually way more forgiving then the pnp one on the negative effect of using some items or some spells. The fact that you can spam haste and wish without any consequence is a good example of it.

    By the way if the effect of the ring would be changed accordingly to the Encyclopedia Magica it would be really easy to use it with no consequence at all, it is useful only in combat and can be equipped just before a fight, and can be swapped between different toons so never be equipped for more then 48 continuous hours and even if it happens to give it to an other toon an wait the change to revert would be really easy.

    Anyway the ring description confirm 2 things that i told more then 1 time in this thread, the effect is a corruption of the body, not an alignment change, and it occurs to the one that uses the ring, not necessarily on charname.

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