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What is the best way to lower my reputation from 20 to 18 so i can have Viconia rejoin?

and unless there would any effect besides prices increasing 17 but lower if I have to.


  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 736
    When she rejoins doesn’t it drop to 18?

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,476
    ilduderino wrote: »
    When she rejoins doesn’t it drop to 18?

    im pretty sure if you try and talk to joinable companions that are evil and if your REP is 19 or higher, they will not talk to you
    2088432 wrote: »
    and unless there would any effect besides prices increasing 17 but lower if I have to.

    in chapter 4 you can flood the mines and not free the slaves first, that will give you a 2 REP dip

    also in BG the city in an Inn just south of the flaming fist head quarters there is a paladin in there that checks to see if you have any evil peeps on your team, if you whack him up all silly like you lose 3 REP points for taking him out

    also in BG the city in the slurping surgeon....? in that inn you talk to areana i think her name is, tell her you will go kill the dude at the elfsong, go do the deed, and when you go back for your reward, tell her that; "this fool had a good idea" option and every time you come to collect the 500 GP you will lose 1 REP

    also, getting caught steeling by the flaming fist or amnish soldier will make your REP go down by one, but then they turn hostile afterwards and because of the EEs they will chase you, so some care will have to be taken there

    the next thing to note on what REP actually does, is not only does it affect price values ( starting at 15 giving you a cumulative 5% discount all the way to 20 ) you will also get penalties to store pricing starting at 9 REP with a penalty of 10% until you hit 50% then it jumps to 100% then 500%.....? all the way to 1 REP for 1000% price increase

    and next is the reaction adjustment, starting at 14 REP you start getting a reaction adjustment bonus ( with +4 for 20 REP ) but once your REP starts getting low ( i believe starting at either 8 or 7 ) you start getting a penalty to that bonus, i forget what 1 REP is, i want to say its -10, but im too lazy to go check it out

    but basically with that being said, if your character started with 18 CHA then read the tome for 19 CHA and is wearing alergon's cloak ( or however you spell the holme's name ) you reaction adjustment will be +10 before any penalties or bonuses

    usually if your CHA is 19 ( since going from 18 to 19 CHA is a 3 or 4 point reaction adjustment bonus difference ) you should be good for reaction adjustment reactions, as long as your REP doesnt get too low

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,120
    Various ways are listed here:

    BG1 NPC Project also lets you hire bards to sing villainous ballads about you - like you're a mob boss sponsoring movies about how tough you are.

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