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Some famous Faces Portrait (Edited NPC Portraits)

DenLiDenLi Member Posts: 1
I love the original BG portrait style,

I know some of you are not keen on using celebrity faces for your characters, but if you don't mind, here's some stuff you might like to add to your Portraits folder. I made these using a few tricks from Photoshop CS6.

These are just some portraits I made for myself.

ewriitz6r7q8.bmp phpi8qizumj6.bmp
nvpyyikm1yx0.bmp m0ewht6g524m.bmp
csafe7zq3hua.bmp fhgdd68bc667.bmp
0h8ct17qy19t.bmp tasamrin9odb.bmp v8nkssv5dxgr.bmp
paxjy20ybbpe.bmp 62xkzs7zqmrf.bmp
ipiecqg3lvhx.bmp ii8g9fpdchsu.bmp
l7e43a3twbc2.bmp dtttn5k3zfnf.bmp
wkevm78uqyov.bmp 2d6u98bumraj.bmp
rsaj6cblxblp.bmp hd7l6fsd4vwi.bmp oh258a9po7et.bmp
342c7enslyux.bmp byzphxj2vfko.bmp
bo6mpjvh4yss.bmp hv9yawluo73k.bmp 22p6xby8bouo.bmp

Hope you guys like them!



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