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Having trouble recruiting Viconia in BG 2

yuzammyuzamm Member Posts: 1
Im playing Enhanced Edition trilogy and encountered a problem when trying to recruit Viconia in government district. When entering the area I get the dialogue from her where she asks me to save her but I cant click the pyre to free her. The fanatics just stand there for a second unresponsive and then go away. I have tried to load earlier save and the problem persists. Any ideas how solve this problem?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,247
    this sounds like a bug caused from that mod, so i wouldnt know how to fix that but

    you could use the cheat console to summon her in ( if you are 100% unable to recruit the default one )

    using said console command:


    so hopefully you are doing it on some sort of PC device, because if this is on phone or tablet, then i have nothin unfortunately

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