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Please allow us to Pass Parameters in Conversations

There is an incredible amount of repetition in conversations scripts.

Currently, the only way to pass anything like a parameter is to use tokens which take a minimum of three scripts and look ugly in the conversation as you must scroll through them one at a time serially instead of showing them in a nice vertical list.

Otherwise, to show it is a list, you end up creating a bunch of scripts often with only one value different in each one. All the scripts are in the root folder so its already a terrible mess.

if Beamdog could write

void main()

to be functionally equivalent of

void main(...)

instead of

void main(void)

that would be incredibly helpful.

We could pass parameters as a tag based system in the conversation in order they occur (all string types could be converted in the script), from a list in the conversation UI, or (and this is my least favourite) a naming system from the object's local variables.


hi <param>foo1</param> want to <param>bar1</param>?

hi foo1 want to bar1?

and the conversation script would read

void main(string param1, string param17) {}


param1 = "foo1"
param17 = "bar1"

This would be incredibly helpful.
Lucky Day



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