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Party members not appearing in SoD

fthkufthku Member Posts: 21
Hello all,
As the title says, my companions (which I've even started with on the SoD prologue) are not appearing - namely, Viconia and Jaheira - so far at least. When I tried to spawn the SoD viconia, her dialogue was as if we don't know each other (but it WAS the SoD dialogue). Then when I traveled to the north of the Coastway, Voghlin is there alone and attacks me.
This is despite the fact that when I was told about my companions in the beginning, I was able to ask about them, at least about Viconia which I remember for sure, and possibly Jaheira and Khalid.
Would appreciate any help, I would really prefer not to start over, though it is a possibility I suppose. I wouldn't mind editing any global variables either, if there is a fix that way.

I'm using EET and some other mods. Originally installed a loong time ago with BWS, but then I had also installed several manually, so it is possible one of the mods messed something up.

Thanks in advance


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,209
    I'm not sure about Viconia, but I do know that for Jaheira, there IS a chance that trolls can spawn nearby and attack her and Voghlin before you have a chance to arrive. Voghlin is usually fine (maybe he has an invulnerable flag on?), but Jaheira can easily die to the trolls, especially if you didn't bring her along in BG1 and she's woefully underlevelled. In my case, a simple reload and making a beeline for where she spawns was enough to keep her alive and get her to join the party. (The nearby trolls don't always spawn. It seems to happen as a random encounter.)

  • fthkufthku Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the reply. I actually used CLUA to spawn her, and it caused *another* copy of Jaheira to spawn where it should have been! CTRL+Y and editing her "sprite_is_dead_ variable worked out and I got the right dialogue with her and Voghlin. Unfortunately, it wasn't the Jaheira I had on BG1, I had to use Shadowkeeper to make her into the Jaheira I had. It's not perfect, but it worked. My only issue now is Viconia, which still treats me as if she doesn't know me. I suppose if I can't fix it, I'll just go with M'Khiin. I have a tendency to pick the same party members each playthrough, it would be nice to use others for a change, if only for SoD.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,209
    edited April 2019
    A similar error to this occurred with me to Neera, where she was mysteriously absent from the location you're supposed to first meet her at in SoD, so I had to manually spawn her in using CLUA, but as you discovered, this creates a baseline version of her so she had none of her equipment from BG1. HOWEVER! Something interesting then occurred when I dismissed Neera to send her back to the camp. When I picked Neera up again from said camp, she was using the version from BG1 where she had all of her correct equipment and such. So you can try something similar with Jaheira and Viconia to see if that fixes your issue.

    M'Khiin is probably my favourite new SoD character though. She has an amazing backstory and LOTS of interjections with NPC dialogues. As a Shaman, she also makes a fantastic backup healer and her Shamanic dance is great for summoning lots of cannon fodder to aid in an upcoming battle. (This is especially true for fights where the NPC starts off as neutral until you make them hostile through conversation. Just have M'Khiin stand nearby and start calling up spirits so they surround the NPC before the fight even starts. XD)

  • fthkufthku Member Posts: 21
    Oh! the camp thing is good to know, for future reference if nothing else. I already continued, but I'll remember that from now on. Hopefully if I have more troubles, this solution will work. When you sent her to camp, did you talk to the version you spawned, or the "baseline" version as you say?

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,209
    I spawned in the missing (baseline) Neera at Bridgefort, then sent her back to camp when I picked up another party member in the same map. When I got back to the main camp, there was only 1 copy of Neera waiting there, the original BG1 incarnation.

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