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Witch's wake & premium campaign status

CvijetaCvijeta Member Posts: 341
What is status on sequels?



  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 397

    Did Beamdog say they were working on them? (That would be amazing if they were!) But otherwise, given that these premium modules were released during the original NWN lifespan and never got sequels, I'd say that we're probably never getting them, unless some builders decided to create their own fan-made sequels to them.

  • AtrophiedericAtrophiederic Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 122
    I could be wrong, but I want to say that they're not really interested in those. No plans for sequels that I am aware of. But like friend @Zaxares observed, there are more than enough resources (Toolset, y'all!) for some enterprising folks to make their own. After all, the Neverwinter Vault is one of the biggest reasons that NwN got the EE.

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