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BGEE Main char Berserker->Mage Human Dual

Some questions about dual berserker mage please.

So I started the beserker and had planned to dual to mage which I havent tried before. Does this mean that you cant use the abilities of the first class until you reach the equivalent level plus 1 in the 2nd/dual class? Then the abilities become "unlocked" again?

My main char is level 6 at present, and when I also looked at dualling Imoen I got a message that you need to dual before level 7 or due to the experience cap you wont get enough xp to be able to use your first class abilities. Why then am I reading about people dualling a berserker/mage at 9 or 13 - how can this work?

I'm not clear on the whole thing as you can see so if anyone has done this and knows what the situation is I'd appreciate it.



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