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I'm considering caster group for another playthrough

I'm planning to be ranger/cleric, fighter/cleric or cleric/thief

Aerie, Haer'Dalis, Cernd, Jan or Imoen/Nalia & will probably need meat shield.... any help there?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,135
    well jaheira can wear all the heavy armors and get some good AC plus she gets access to spells as well, although you already have cernd so, i suppose more druid spells yay haha

    but even with that you could have cernd focus more on the offensive stuff while jaheira sticks with the defensive stuff

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,618
    Aerie, Haer dalis and if needed also Jan/Imoen can be very good thanks as their arcane magic protect them.
    A properly buffed aerie and haer dalis do also good damage as they tank.

    I like very much jan, but in your place i would use imoen as you probably need a proper main mage, he as multi and specialist has less slots (the +1 spell/level from being illusionist only cover part of the gap) and loose a full school of spells.
    If you play a C/T to loose the thieving part of jan is not a problem, but in that case you miss a proper fighter, not that the game becomes impossible, as you have a tremendous cast capability with 5 casters.
    if you opt for fighter or ranger you have a better front liner and you have to decide if to play without a real main mage or without a real thief as imoen can only deal with traps and locks.

    It really depends on your style and i would say on how you are able to use a C/M and a blade mlee wise as they can both be strong, but only if used properly, she need buffs and he need the proper items to overcome his thac0 problem, that in tob start to become a real problem.

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