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Need help with Rasaad quest ending in SoA

I've finally gotten Wilson and now trying to complete Rasaad's quest in the temple. I did the 4 trials and always took the peaceful path when dealing with the Twofold monks (Amphitheater, the bridge guard, gate guard, monks outside the temple, etc.) and the Selune monks in the forest encounter.

I have a save before the big fight between Dark Moon monks and the Twofold monks. I"ve finished the battle two ways, one with the Master of Combat alive, and one with him dead. This is where I am stuck.


Doing a bit of searching, I found out that if I don't let him join the Twofold Sect, his epilogue would suck. But at the same time, if I let him join Twofold Sect, I won't get him back until ToB. I didn't read the epilogues or read any further spoilers, just the general info that Rasaad's ending really sucks if I don't do something in SoA.

How do I keep him in SoA *AND* have him join Twofold Sect, so I don't have to wait until ToB to play with him again, and make sure he gets the best ending possible?


  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    I'm ready to give up. I've had to redo that battle like 20 times to try every dialogue option after the battle. It seems like I'm forced into this choice:

    1: Keep Rasaad in the party to play with for rest of SoA, but get his shit epilogue in ToB.

    2: Lose Rasaad for rest of SoA, but get his best epilogue in ToB.

    Is there no way to get his best epilogue AND keep playing with him in SoA? I'm still in Chapter 2, by the way.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,618
    I still have to try rasaad so i can be wrong, but maybe it is possible for you to play all soa but some final battles then, only at that point, conclude his quest and have him joining the twofold sect.
    the not return point in soa is
    before you enter the temple in the city of the elfs
    before that point you can still access all the regular soa areas, if are not special ones like the planar prison or brinnlaw/spellhood/maze, areas that once you go out you can not come back.
    This way you have to do without him only
    the 2 final battles against irenicus and the hell trials, you can go outside the elf city and come back as you like once you know the way
    and your group should be enough strong at that moment to fight those battles, better if you have aerie in the party as she can buff and be the 3rd mlee fighter for those situations.

    Obviously rp wise it has no sense to put on hold the main quest few steps before soa end to go to conclude rasaad's one, but as you try to accomplish so many things in a single run some compromise must be accepted.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 469
    I recall that you can let Rasaad join the sect and get him back either straightaway or within 24 hours (I recall the former was what happened in my last play through with him but had read that you had to wait 24 hours)

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