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Can't install all SCS components

Phoenix_VIIPhoenix_VII Member Posts: 4
edited May 2 in BGII:EE Mods
I've tried installing SCS three times (four times really but the third attempt had a ran out of memory error for some reason) so far for BGII and each time it has failed to install some components. On the last two tries, SCS couldn't install improved golems, smarter beholders (I tried installing with the 1st option on the 2nd attempt and the 2nd option on the last), smarter mind flayers (1st option), improved vampires, spellcasting demiliches, and improved abazigal's lair. On the first try there were several more components it couldn't install like smarter priests (though it did install smarter mages). I might just play with the components I have right now if there's no other problems but I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I googled but it doesn't seem that this is a common problem and I couldn't find anything. I'm using the Steam edition of BGII but I don't have Steam installed in Program Files, BGII's folder is C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition. The version of SCS that I was trying to install was v31 (the one on the main page, I know of v32 but it seems to still be in beta)? Also, this is the only mod I'm trying to install, I'm not trying to install any other mods for now. OS is Windows 10 64-bit if that helps.

I posted this in the SCS forum as well but got no replies (not surprised, my problem looks to be pretty rare) but I'd like to fix this if possible and I'd appreciate any help. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, this is the first time I've tried modding either of the BG games and I'm still pretty new to them.

Edit: I'll add the steps I went through as well, in case it helps;

1) Installed BG2
2) Downloaded SCS installer from main page into BG2 folder (main folder where chitin.key is)
3) Ran installer

That's all I did. If something needs to be disabled or installed or moved around to make the installer work perfectly then I don't know about it yet.

Edit #2: Just wanted to let anyone reading this know that I decided to give v32 RC #10 a try and everything's working fine now. I still don't know why some components in v31 just wouldn't install when everything in v32 installed with no problems whatsoever but I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

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