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BGIIEE Portrait Tweaks

HydespawnHydespawn Member Posts: 1
edited April 30 in BGII:EE Mods
The portraits in BGII are great, but I felt like tweaking the companion portraits a little bit, so I did some work on them in Photoshop. You're all free to use them for whatever, I wasn't the original artist of them so I don't claim any ownership or anything over them, I just made a few changes here and there, that's all.

Aerie Before & After
uqpcr9g0drl5.png m7gwgt8mfo2k.png

Imoen Before & After
txo3kded1ae4.png abwt05a0tat8.png

Jaheira Before & After
okaf5yuhve6c.png 9t64stwvfvw7.png

Valygar Before & After
b0gjen8zhwn7.png xfwrhq2yrg7g.png

I felt like Neera needed a unique BGII portrait, so I modeled it after her voice actress.
Neera Before & After
2s930100yq89.png rx8vtygmz1lq.png

The Dorn portrait (the after one) is actually a portrait I drew completely from scratch, so I do claim artistic ownership over it, but you're all free to use it still. I felt Dorn needed a unique BGII style portrait.
Dorn Before & After
a0lg4sevjoku.png v5z3u1q4eitt.png


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