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Chapter 2 quest journal entry not completing

I've just finished Chapter 2, and I checked all my quests and journal entries. Everything has been completed and listed as "Finished" except for one quest. The entry is "Inside the Planar Sphere", and it is still showing as active (white text) even though I finished the Planar Sphere.

The entry reads as follows:

"Onvo, one of the Knights of Solamnia trapped in the sphere, warned me of a wizard's room nearby that contains a damaged golem."

I've finished everything in there long ago. Furnaces activated, golem reassembled, Elder Orb killed, Lavok stuff done, the Planar Engine turned on, etc. So why is this entry still hanging open?

How do I force it into "Finished" status? What entry is it in EEKeeper? Or do I have to use the console that I've read about here and there?

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