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how to use/and/or know what script to edit and/or delete to keep my stolen items beginning HOTU

SirYugi007SirYugi007 Member Posts: 4
edited May 12 in Official Campaigns
Does somebody please please know what script to edit to keep all my gear in HOTU. I have worked so hard to customize gear for each henchmen I get in modules. i find that taking all your gear in the beginning is soooo stupid by Bioware. I know the gear gets better in HOTU but I want MINE. Im not sure if I'll get ALL of it back at the end of chapter 1 at the drow encampment. I have 13 bags of holding, no junk, extremely tidy and clean. And have ALL of it stolen??...Come on Bioware. I know there is a script to change and/or delete to be able to do this but Im not a NWN Aurora Toolset guru. will send Paypal contribution to you if you know, no BS. I want to play with MY stuff. And like a drow thief is going to be able to "quietly" walk out of my room with 13 bags of holding....BS!!!
So please please anyone........thank you

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  • jonesr65jonesr65 Member Posts: 24
    You get everything back a little later in HOTU, but by then you have found a lot of gear that's better that what you had stolen. You can use the debug to give yourself some more bags of holding to hold the new loot you find.

  • SirYugi007SirYugi007 Member Posts: 4
    Yea I know and thank you but I have equipment "personalized" for each type of player not just ubered equipment but for each special henchmen. I'm picky and have it so each henchman will have gloves just for them, necklace just for them, rings just for, thief, fighter, paladin etc etc..But thank you Jones...!!..:-)

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