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Years ago I've used to manage the Israeli NWN community, we developed a module, designed for PW server, named Helora.

The module uses CEP + some custom haks we created.
The module includes many custom-made systems, from a new XP system, rest rules and up to to death handling and DM tools, player RP helpers and many QOL improvements.

We also added some new spells, changed and balanced many spells, and changed how some of the classes work.

The area design is very rich and includes many fun design features.

Each character stars at level 10, and requires DM approval to pass level 14.

I've set up a server running the module, Israeli community is no-more, so it's quite empty, I was never the story telling DM, I was main scripter and technical guy with some area design on the side.

Anyway, the server is up, nwsync is up and running so you can just login, you should be able to download everything in a few minutes, it has a good bandwidth.

I will be running no events on the server, but, if you want to play, feel free to, if you want to play as a group, if you want to run events and need a DM permission, I have no problem with that. If you do that and find any bug or need anything, I can find the time to fix them.
I just feel it's a shame no one will see the areas we created and enjoy the settings we made.

Just one thing, don't take pick-pocket, the server has a new Pick Pocket system and you will be kicked if you level pick pocket.

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