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I wanted a tool that could take a bic and print out the level progressions for some of my old builds so I wrote this tool / website. It uploads a bic and reverse engineers the level, feat, skill and spell progressions.

It is built using ruby on rails and the nwn-lib gem. I'm sure it still has some bugs and I need to work on monks and rangers bab/attacks a bit more but it should work for most builds. It is also fugly and output using html tables, but hey, I'm a backend dev.

The url is

This is just a start. I could see this turning into an on-line editor for gff files with some love and time. If enough folks are interested, I could open up the source for community dev.

If you enjoy this tool, checkout my pw called 'The Boneyard' and if you see me say hi - Seed.



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