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Experienced NWN Scripter Wanted

KrinnKrinn Member Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Builders - Scripting
Hi There!

I am interested in getting some direct tutoring from an experienced scripter. Just started messing around with NWN scripting as a hobby, but I am utterly clueless as to how to do the things that interest me, or even if they are possible. Looking to engage the assistance of an experienced scripter that knows the limits and how to script most things. To start, I am very interested in NPC scripting and making functions, behaviors, economy, actions of NPCs persistent via an online server and the use of the possible database functions - either the NWN standard database functions, or using mysql or others (maybe). Willing to pay a very nice hourly rate for direct tutoring / knowledge sharing.

Much appreciated! Thanks.



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