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Choices for Watchers Keep Boss and Alignment

I just beat the Watchers Keep boss, man that was the toughest battle so far. I was about to quit and give up, but I was determined to win, and after finally doing it, I actually felt a sense of accomplishment. However, no new items? Only a huge amount of XP, but at this point (I'm in ToB) the 100,000 XP isnt that big a deal.

However, I'm playing a LG Cavalier, and I'm not sure that this is the good option. It seems like telling Odron and letting them go is the ideal good option, but it gives you the worst reward. I thought sending a demon back to hell would be a good thing for a Cavalier, but somehow its worse since he's released? Lying to Odron and then using the scroll to trap him seems evil, but apparently Keldorn approves?

What's your opinion on the best RP choice for a paladin?


  • MERLANCEMERLANCE Member Posts: 392
    edited June 1
    Tell the knights the truth, that the Imprisoned One helped you leave after you read the scroll, then show mercy to the knights and let them leave on their quest for atonement.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,844
    You don't have to lie to Odron if I recall correctly. You can tell him what demon at the bottom told you and he will still go down to investigate. I can see a lawful good character taking either option. Does your character view (potentially) saving the fallen Helmites as more important, or is keeping the demon trapped more important. My charnames always felt that trying to save the Helmites was more important, especially weighed with the fact that keeping the demon trapped will necessitate continual human sacrifice to keep locked away. Even if banishing him to the abyss is a respite for the demon, its not like just anyone can summon a demon of that level on a whim.

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