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Possible: NWN:EE frontend for Single Player MUD/Roguelike

KrunoKruno Member Posts: 3
NWNX gives functionality that allows storage to a a DB, which is great, because I can have external processes manipulate that data.

All the NWN client needs to do is accept a string, I can compress on the server end, and decompress the string in the client to pass large amounts of data.

I can then generate NPCs on the client side. NPC positions, health and other data will simply be set on every tick.

Back end processes will run AI, and other functionality across multiple threads and store the values to the DB. The purpose for this is so NPCs have their own schedules, dynamic events such as town attacks, and all done externally from the NWN engine. As I have this part done already in Rust it would be nice to see it in action on the NWN:EE engine.

Any chance in future of having SQLite functionality inside the base game in future?


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 697
    As you stated it works and allows you to extract data for processing and then reintroduce it again once processed. I'm not sure what you're asking for exactly, that an NWN server also maintain its own SQL database?

    Without NWNX you also have access to the campaign database and there are scripts that help modders manage that database instead. However because it is intended for offline usage it lacks the functionality of NWNX. Local variables are stored temporarily and then exported and imported at the appropriate times. I'm not sure what a second internal database would add considering it's probably more advantageous for each entity to own its own data. The databases are external to save and persist that data in case the server goes offline, the campaign database is used for offline modules.

    They haven't spoken about additional functions for databases as far as I'm aware and have said they do not wish to take ownership of NWNX or incorporate it into the base installation.

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