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Requirements for running multiple server instances on same machine

Gerad_VizagaGerad_Vizaga Member Posts: 7
Hi All,

I tried to do a search for this, but I didn't find any hits.

I'm looking to run two different modules on the same windows virtual server, so we can easily share the same server vault. Are the any requirements I should be following so that the two can run without interfering with each other? Other than changing the port number, that is.

For example, should I be making copies of the NWN folder in My Docs? Or can the two servers pull resources from the same NWN directory (ie haks, tlk, etc)?

I'm running JimBobs Game Manager for my main module, and I tried setting up a separate profile to run the second, but weird things happened. I'll probably just try to nwnserver.exe with some command line arguments.

I just want to make sure that, in general, I shouldn't have to copy directories or resources for this to work.

Any help is appreciated.



  • MakasoulMakasoul Member Posts: 4
    I never had luck with the server arguments trying to get separate servers. The only way I got it to work is with jim Bob's. You go into profiles under program settings and switch between them. You go to command line tool, and make sure you have it set right then click set line to current and the. Start server. Just dont use the shut down server command cause it shuts them all off.

    As far as PC requirements. It looks to me like they use 5 to 15 percent of my 8700k 5ghz, so if you got a slow dedicated server watch your resources. I am not sure how that goes up with players no one's joined mine yet.

  • Gerad_VizagaGerad_Vizaga Member Posts: 7
    I've had luck running one server using Jimbobs, and the second server just using the nwnserver.exe with command line.

    The issue I run into is that the second server seems to stop players on the first server being able to interact with NPCS. Even when I shut down the second server, the first one is still bugged until it's restarted.

    That's why I was curious if I should somehow be installing NWN server and its files TWICE on the same host in two different directories. Maybe there is a resource being drawn by one and it gets bugged if it's being drawn by another.

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