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Final ToB Battle. Ascension + SCS - Help!

I cant even get past the first part vs irenicus and bodhi. The problem is the fallen solars and all the mariliths and succubus things. I generally get rid of bodhi with time stop and imprisonment. I chunk down the solars, often killing them.

But my main issue is all the mariliths, succubus things, and irenicus in the background.

What are mariliths vulnerable to? Any suggestions on this fight. Scary to think this is like the appetizer fight before the main course


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,933
    I have not done that fight in SCS yet, so I probably can't help much. The "vanilla" version of that fight is just Irenicus, Bohdi, and a fallen solar. But Marileths are vulnerable to magic weapons (maybe +2 required? Not actually sure) but they will cast protection from magic weapons on themselves, so you will need to dispel their protections.

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    edited October 2019
    As I recall, when Irenicus and Bodhi show up, they are accompanied by two fallen solars. What difficulty are you playing at? Last time I completed ascension with SCS, it was on insane difficulty but it is a long time since I reached the endgame on this difficulty so maybe much has changed.

    Bodhi is a cakewalk and ultimately not that important in this fight. Either convince her to join you or use a weapon that can instakill her. Mace of Disruption, Azureage or Dawnstar is very good at this. You only need a warrior with protection from negative energy, protection from charm (either through helmet or an ability) and greater whirlwind on and it is only a matter of time before she goes down.

    Irenicus is who you need to focus on. Firstly, because when he goes down, you get Imoen back. Furthermore, if he is left alone he will wreak havoc. If you have a fighter/mage, fighter/thief or fighter/thief/mage or blade, this fight can get much easier.

    Cast timestop with the aforementioned classes, either with a learned spell or through a scroll. If it is with a mage, go improved alacrity and unleash spells that go through magic protection no matter what. Comet, dragons breath for example. after that, throw a lot of quick cast debuffing spells (remove magic, dispel magic. ruby ray, breach, piece magic, etc. if you still have time, throw an Abi Dalzims Horrid Writhing for good measure. Irenicus will be dead after this unless he is extremely lucky. dont worry about using spells as they will get renewed for the second part of the battle.

    If you have a fighter/thief or fighter/mage/thief or blade and have Carsomyr, this fight will be insanely easy. Throw timestop, equip the sword and get a greater whirlwind/offensive spin off and hit him. Doesn't matter if you are proficient with twohanded swords as every hit lands in a time stop. If you have time still in the time stop after he is dead, go after the solars. Here it is good to have a vorpal weapon equipped, as they are not immune and if you have greater whirlwind on in the timestop or out of it, the chance for them failing savings throughs are extremely high.

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 733
    Irencius not defend himself with prot from magical weapons against carsomyr ?

  • TheMadVikingTheMadViking Member Posts: 35
    edited October 2019
    yes, but you use Carsomyr inherent dispel ability on a hit in the Timestop to dispel it. Protection from magical weapons can be dispelled if the dispel is successful. When it goes down in the timestop along with all his other protections, you will just keep hit him until he dies.

    What is funny is that this works and the effects are instantaneous, even if the timestop is still up. Some would describe it as a bit cheesy, but when you enter the second part of the battle and meet Abazigal and his chain contingency that goes off no matter what in a timestop that you cast, you will throw that notion out of the window real quick.

    The reason why I really really like the Ascension mod apart from the added story and the epic finale that this epic series truly deserved, is that the modders truly knew what they were doing in terms of abusing the rules to max without getting too cheesy. So IMHO it is only fair, that you do the same.

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