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Final ToB Battle. Ascension + SCS - Help!

I cant even get past the first part vs irenicus and bodhi. The problem is the fallen solars and all the mariliths and succubus things. I generally get rid of bodhi with time stop and imprisonment. I chunk down the solars, often killing them.

But my main issue is all the mariliths, succubus things, and irenicus in the background.

What are mariliths vulnerable to? Any suggestions on this fight. Scary to think this is like the appetizer fight before the main course


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,844
    I have not done that fight in SCS yet, so I probably can't help much. The "vanilla" version of that fight is just Irenicus, Bohdi, and a fallen solar. But Marileths are vulnerable to magic weapons (maybe +2 required? Not actually sure) but they will cast protection from magic weapons on themselves, so you will need to dispel their protections.

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